• 19Aug
    Baffled by TikTok? Getting a headache over Reels? No idea what to post? Feel like managing your social media is a full time job in itself? Then this training event has been made for you! FRIDAY 19TH AUGUST - 10AM UNTIL 12PM (2 HOURS ONLINE - ZOOM - MAXIMUM OF 10 ATTENDEES) This session, delivered by Nikki Hesford, will answer all the questions we know you've got (and we know this, because they're the questions business owners ask us every single day!) They're not sure if Facebook is 'dying out', managing and planning their content is like a ball and chain around their neck that they'd like to outsource but can't afford to, they cannot think of things to post, and aren't sure if they're posting the right things. They've heard that Reels are what they need to be doing, but have no idea how they are relevant to their business or how to create one... Sound familiar? We will be covering:
    • What the algo wants from you - how you can game it to your advantage, by understanding it
    • The main 4 social media platforms used by businesses (FB, Insta, LinkedIn and TikTok) - and what you should be doing on each of them, the type of content that works, and how to create it quickly and easily
    • How to create Stories and Reels
    • How to use Canva to create images quickly
    • How to write copy that stands out on the feed
    • How to schedule your FB/IG content for free, and planning it in an way that takes you 2 hours a month, not 10 hours a week
    Your Zoom registration and password will be sent to you privately 24 hours before the event takes place - if you haven't received it by 10am Thursday, email us at bookings@thesmallbusinessacademy.co.uk
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  • 01Oct
    Do you need an hour with an expert business and marketing consultant? Want help with a specific problem or area of marketing? Need someone to actually take a look at your ads and tell you how you could them better? Then a Power Hour with Nikki might be just what you need! The date of this hour is at our mutual convenience, so once you have booked and paid for your hour using the website, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule the meeting. Please ensure that your telephone number is provided at the checkout. If you need Nikki to take a look at your ads, then we will arrange an additional 15 minutes at no extra cost to acquire access to your ad account prior to the Power Hour.

    What your hour might cover:

    • Helping to setup your Facebook Ads
    • Reviewing your FB Ads performance and receiving help to optimise them for better performance
    • Bespoke support with a marketing strategy and ideas
    • Sense check your marketing plans or troubleshoot poor performance
    • Ask any questions you like about marketing or even general business support
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