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Are you an Ecommerce entrepreneur (or do you want to be?)

Then this course will help you understand why you are not making sales, why all your efforts seem to be amounting to nothing – and why you feel like you want to give up and throw the towel in.

Ecommerce has been touted for years as an ‘easy’ way to make money online. It isn’t easy. It’s a number game, and if you don’t understand how the numbers game works then you will find yourself ploughing cash into a deep money pit that makes you wish you’d never started.

This course will help you avoid the pitfalls, or help you pull things around if you’re already at the stage where you want to give up!


What’s inside this E-commerce Training?

  • Six valuable lessons (1.5 hours of training)

  • Understanding the basics, and why most Ecommerce ventures fail

  • How to decide which Ecommerce platform to use (Wix/WooCommerce/Shopify) – we have nothing to sell, so our advice is unbiased and based on over a decade of experience in Ecommerce!

  • Ecommerce principles – Conversion rate, traffic, AOV, CTR, CPM… we will explain it all, as well as why this determines your success rate

  • Getting traffic to your Ecommerce site

  • Understanding the data, tracking and reporting

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Take this Course with Nikki
Nikki Hesford Entrepreneur

About your Host

  • Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, as seen on Dragon’s Den 

  • Keynote Speaker at national Business Conferences

  • As seen in Metro, Glamour, the BBC, Daily Mail, Telegraph and MORE!

  • No Nonsense, No Fluff and Straight Talking!

  • Over a decade of experience with small and start-up business

  • Founder of The Small Business Academy and champion of small business

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