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What to expect from this Facebook Ads Course?

This Facebook Advertising Course is designed and delivered by Nikki Hesford, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, Facebook Blueprint Facebook Ads Expert and Ads agency owner.

It is specifically designed for small and local business owners, running their own Facebook and Instagram Ads with budgets ranging from £20 to £1000 per month in advertising spend and covers everything from the basic entry level ads principles, to more advanced strategies.

This Facebook Advertising course is for…

  • Small business owners and marketers spending relatively small amounts on Facebook Ads, probably Boosting posts, and want to do a better job by understanding the mechanics of it
  • People who learn best through a mixture of video and written text (80% of lessons have video and text, 20% have text only)
  • People who are fed up of trawling YouTube videos and listening to several minutes of irrelevant information in order to find 30 seconds that is useful.
  • People who are looking to generate leads or sell via E-commerce
  • People who want an Encyclopedic resource to refer to whenever you need help, supported with monthly Zooms with an expert to ask questions.
  • People who want a Facebook Ads course that offer a lifetime licence without any obligation to complete it in a set period of time.

This Facebook Advertising Course is NOT suitable for…

  • People looking to scale their ads from hundreds/thousands to millions
  • People who want to take a course and become a ‘guru’
  • MLM’s (nothing personal, but Facebook does not allow ads for MLM businesses so it would be a waste of your money)
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