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Once you have booked and paid for your training course course, you will be emailed with a unique login and instructions.

The course currently has around 80 lessons/topics, comprising of written material, and videos (A shared screen that is recorded, so you can see HOW we are executing these strategies, and which buttons to press)

New topics and lessons are being added all of the time!


Facebook Ads Course

Learning how to advertise on Facebook when you are a small business owner is no easy task. How do you figure it out?

You can trawl Youtube videos trying to learn Facebook Ads, but who has the time to sift through thousands of hours of content looking for something that is both useful, and authoritative?

You can read blogs and online articles, but these won’t often give you a step-by-step guide and you would have to search for a new blog for every single application process…..

Ask other people in groups? Yep, you tried that – you got a mixed bag of conflicting information and twenty people trying to flog you their ads management services.

As a last resort, you’ve just tried winging it – a tenner here, a fiver there, Boosting this and that and it’s worked a bit… but you’d really like to know how to Facebook advertise without rolling the dice each and every time. With actual strategies.

What is different about our Facebook Ads Course, to other people’s courses?

  1. The course is written and delivered by someone with over a decade of experience in running ads, who is a recognised and credible entrepreneur and holds up to date Facebook Blueprint Certification that demonstrates advanced competency of the current system and best practice.
  2. Unlike any other Facebook Ads Course, you get more than just the Facebook Ads Training Course but valuable ‘live’ support too – with monthly Zoom surgeries that you can drop into, and access to a closed Facebook Group where you can ask questions.
  3. Our course is priced with small business owners in mind – yes, we could charge 3-5-10x more than we do for it, but we choose not to, because the core ethos of The Small Business Academy is to provide resources to small and start-up businesses at a price they can actually afford. It’s the whole reason we were founded int he first place!
  4. Our course is made up of written content, downloadable tools and videos – our videos show you, through a recorded screen share, how to implement strategies step by step – which buttons to click – and you can go back to them as many times as you like.
  5. Our course is categorised into a REALLY easy to find and follow menu.
  6. Once you pay for your course, you have a lifetime licence

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