10 Challenges Every Small Business will face



Are you a small business owner, or maybe a freelancer? Perhaps you’re planning on starting a business soon.

If so, then this free business course is a MUST – split into 4 short lessons (total time approx. 60 min) you will get the benefit of our many years of experience mentoring and coaching small businesses.

Forewarned is Forearmed! Once you know the pitfalls you’re likely to fall into, you are better prepared to manage them, or even avoid them altogether!


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What’s inside this FREE Business Course?

  • Why having no processes will hurt you (but they’re easier to implement than you think!)

  • Setting & Raising your prices

  • Walking into a networking event feeling like a carrot in a bunch of bananas!

  • Dealing with nightmare clients (and win the RIGHT kind of clients!)

  • How to deal with unpaid invoices

  • Knowing if your marketing is actually working or not

  • You’re finding yourself being a Busy Fool… how do you get out of this trap?

  • You’ve paid for a fabulous website, but it has no traffic

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Nikki Hesford Entrepreneur

About your Host

  • Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, as seen on Dragon’s Den 

  • Keynote Speaker at national Business Conferences

  • As seen in Metro, Glamour, the BBC, Daily Mail, Telegraph and MORE!

  • No Nonsense, No Fluff and Straight Talking!

  • Over a decade of experience with small and start-up business

  • Founder of The Small Business Academy and champion of small business

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