As International Coworking Day approaches on Friday 9th August, many reading this may not be quite sure what Coworking is or why as a freelancer or small business owner it’s important to you!

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a relatively new concept, of sharing workspace with other small business owners rather than committing to a whole office. Why buy the whole pig, just because you want a bacon sandwich? (Mmmmm bacon…)

Where a whole office might easily cost you £300+ per month, usually plus VAT, service charges and Wifi, with legal costs to draw up a lease and a minimum commitment of 12-36 months, a desk within a Coworking space is as little as £50 per month for a hot desk.

Not being responsible for cleaning the office, waste removal, business rates or remembering to buy more coffee has huge appeal to many small businesses before we even get started on the other benefits!

Get support from other business owners

Being a sole trader or small business owner can be quite isolating at times. Working from home, often not seeing another human all day – in fact it’s often cited as a reason why some businesses decide to jack it in and get a full time job! They miss having a structure to their day and the community aspect of being in the office – after work drinks, Christmas parties, cakes in the office when it’s someone’s birthday.

Being part of a coworking space gives you that sense of community that you might be missing, and when you feel that you’ve gotten dressed and headed to an office to work for the day – you are able to distinguish those boundaries between home and work that often get blurred when you work from home.

How does it work?

Our Coworking space is based in Blackpool, close to Lytham and Wrea Green and we offer hot desking and dedicated desk options, ranging from £50-150 per month.

You pay monthly in advance, and only have to give 30 days notice if you change your mind – meaning no long term commitments! For this you get use of our Boardroom for when your clients visit, unlimited premium coffee, Ultra Fast Broadband and so much more!

Get a professional address

One of the big benefits of being a hot desker with us, is that you can use our Peel House Peel Business Hall Village address on Companies House, your Google listing and all your marketing materials – giving you credibility when prospective clients look you up!

And when you meet with those clients, you can bring them to Peel House, get them a coffee and take them into the Boardroom – isn’t that so much better than meeting in Starbucks?

International Coworking Day 2019

Friday 8th August will be International Coworking Day and we are opening our doors to anyone wanting to spend the day trying out a desk, free of charge!

Come along and meet our friendly residents, enjoy a Rijo coffee and find out why Coworking has created such a buzz in the major cities of London and New York!